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Who are we ?

Retro Lab, the vintage shop: the go-to destination for vintage sneaker enthusiasts

Retro Lab is the first exclusively online vintage shop dedicated to vintage sneakers. Founded in France in 2017, the store was created to meet the growing demand of vintage sneaker enthusiasts seeking rare and exclusive models. With expertise in the field, Retro Lab offers a unique selection of vintage sneakers in perfect condition, carefully selected for their quality and authenticity. Buyers can choose from a variety of brands and styles, ranging from the most popular sports sneakers to the rarest collector's shoes. Retro Lab has become the preferred destination for vintage sneaker enthusiasts looking for retro sneakers.


A varied selection for all styles

Our collection of vintage shoes for men, women, and children from the 90s and 2000s covers a wide range of styles, from cross-training shoes to outdoor shoes to running shoes. We offer the most popular brands such as Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Asics, Mizuno, and Brooks.

Authentic products for all tastes

We are proud to offer 100% authentic products on our vintage store, some new and others second-hand. We make sure that the condition of each product is always clearly indicated in the photos and product information to allow our customers to make an informed choice.

Precautions to take for vintage products

It is important to note that vintage sneakers over 10 years old may have an increased risk of natural deterioration of materials and soles, so some models are better suited for collections.



Vintage items have a certain charm but may be more fragile than new items.

We invite you to consider this risk before placing your order.

Thank you for your understanding !

New arrivals to discover every day

Our selection is constantly evolving with new arrivals to discover on our website and Instagram account. For vintage basketball enthusiasts, Retro Lab is a must-see.

Order now for fast delivery

We are here to help you find the rarest and most exclusive models to complete your collection or for everyday use. Order now and enjoy fast delivery worldwide.

Our customers

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